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Oxford City Council

Oxford Design Review Panel service

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21 May 2020

12:00am, 23 June 2020

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Oxford City Council (OCC) is seeking to procure a service provider to deliver the Oxford Design Review Panel (ODRP) as a complete and independent service. The panel was established in 2014 and the service is currently run in partnership with a service provider. The City Council recognises the significant value of design review in the planning process and wants to ensure that the ODRP provides the best service possible, taking into account the latest research, best practice and lessons learned from its own experience and the unique opportunities and constraints within Oxford. This statement of requirements sets out the key principles, aims and objectives that the City Council aspires for the ODRP and service provider but it has been left intentionally open to encourage potential service providers to tailor their proposal in accordance with what is considered to be best practice, innovative and appropriate for Oxford.