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Scottish Water

Physical Data Capture and Management

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24 March 2021

12:00pm, 27 April 2021

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To support our business, Scottish Water require a partner survey supplier(s) who will help us provide innovative solutions for the capturing of topographic and other digital information to help us manage our business and plan and deliver our Capital Programme. We currently use many common survey techniques through our current suppliers. In our new Investment Planning period we are looking for survey suppliers to collaborate with us more closely in order to innovate. SW is keen to explore all survey methodologies that can deliver its data requirements, especially if different techniques can provide our data requirements at a lower cost, less risk or with additional value. Scottish Water intends to award contracts under this framework through 4 services. They are as follows: • Land Topography Surveys • Utility Location Surveys • Digital & Video Images Surveys • Bathymetric Surveys Full scope and output requirements can be found within the PQQ overview document within Delta.