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Asfordby Parish Council

Landscaping of Riverside Gardens

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Asfordby Parish Council

Publication Date
24 May 2018

12:00am, 15 June 2018

Tender ID
Riverside Gardens 01

1.1 Summary This tender is issued for the landscape development of the recreation area adjacent to Riverside Walk, Asfordby LE14 3SD Specification Site Clearance All existing red engineering brick walling to be removed including foundations. Existing path and benches to be removed. Existing shrub planting to be removed Existing trees to be removed subject to planning permission. Site to be rotavated levelled and cleared of old turf, large stones, rubble, roots and all other debris. Paving Recommended slab - Brackendale Cambrian Sandstone or similar commercial grade stone paving. Paving to be laid according to manufacturers recommendations Slab samples to be provided and agreed with Asfordby Parish Council. Fall to be sufficient that no water shall stand. Planted Areas All planted areas are to be rotavated and hand dug with all large stones, weeds and debris removed. Planted borders should have 400 - 450mm depth of topsoil over a free draining subsoil. Prior to planting the areas are to be covered with a s 50mm layer of suitable compost. After planting the areas are to be mulched with a 75 - 100mm depth of bark chippings(not wood chip) unless an aggregate and membrane is specified on the plan (use membrane on all gravel areas) Planting plan is available on a separate drawing. All trees to be properly staked and tied. Grass Newly turfed areas to be laid with Arena lawn turf in accordance with the suppliers recommendations. There should be no obvious bumps, hollows or changes in level. Turf to be well watered after laying and must be kept watered until well established. Resin Bound Aggregate Use a buff coloured aggregate to be approved by Asfordby Parish Council. To be installed by a specialist contractor Method /construction to be suitable for public pedestrian traffic. Workmanship and material guarantees to be provided to Asfordby Parish Council at the time of quoting. Path edges To be clean edge - do not use timber, concrete or block edging Suggestion: Everedge ProEdge, brown 75mm deep to form curves on all path edges. Railings Black ball top railings1.2m high to pavement boundaries as shown on the drawing. Matching pedestrian and vehicular gates as shown Vehicular gates to have drop bolts into 250x250x450mm concrete base and should be lockable with heavy duty padlock. All fixtures and fitting to be appropriate for exterior use. Railing, gates and fitting to be agreed with Asfordby Parish Council. General All works should be carried out by or under the supervision of an experienced and qualified landscaper. The scheme should be laid out and adjustments made prior to hard landscaping works beginning. 3D illustrations are available, it is recommended that these are viewed with the plan before starting work. For quotation purposes and during construction all dimensions must be checked on site by the contractor.