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Wyre Forest District Council

Wyre Forest Local Plan Review - Viability Study & CIL Basic Scoping Study

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Wyre Forest District Council

Publication Date
17 October 2017

12:00am, 27 May 2016

Tender ID
169/04/16 (DN127118)/AW

HDH Planning and Development Ltd (£19,625)

Wyre Forest District Council is seeking to appoint consultants to undertake an overall Viability Study (VS) in tandem with the preparation of its Local Plan Review. At the same time, it needs a parallel CIL Basic Scoping Study to give an initial view on the scope to introduce CIL in the Wyre Forest area. These documents will both inform the Local Plan Review and form part of its evidence base. The report which arises from the conduct of the specification in respect of the Viability Study is intended to replace completely the Viability documents produced by GVA Grimley in 2010 & 2011, all of which predated the National Planning Framework (NPPF) and the subsequent national Planning Practice Guidance. The report that arises from the conduct of the specification in respect of the CIL Scoping Study will be intended to update and replace the relevant sections of the following document prepared by HDH Planning & Development in January 2013: * Worcestershire CIL Viability Study: 2013. Please send expressions of interest and download the documents from Due North: The deadline for submissions is Friday 27th May at 2pm