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Hull City Council

Redshanks 2023 - Ecology and Ornithology Surveying Services

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Cabinet Office

Publication Date
19 March 2024

12:00pm, 07 February 2024

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JBA Consulting

The purpose of this survey specification is to outline the necessary steps and procedures for conducting a redshanks bird survey in the vicinity of the East bank of the river Hull. The East bank of the river Hull is currently inhabited by a population of redshanks, a species of wading bird known for its distinctive reddish legs and vocal calls. These birds rely on the area for nesting, feeding, and other important activities. Recognizing the importance of conserving and safeguarding local biodiversity, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive survey to assess the presence, abundance, and behaviour of the redshanks in the affected area before initiating any relocation efforts.