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Burgess Hill Town Council

Project and Commercial Management Services

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Burgess Hill Town Council

Publication Date
29 May 2018

12:00am, 20 June 2018

Tender ID
Burgess Hill Town Council

PROJECT AND COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES The tender is for project managing and quantity surveyor services. The Project is for the Demolition of an existing structure and the Construction of a building for local groups with the ability to stage theatre and dance productions with a space for local interest groups and office facilities for Burgess Hill Town Council. The value of this project will not exceed 5 million pounds. The programme for the first phase is expected to be 18 weeks with 50 weeks for the second phase We anticipate the time required for your services for budget purposes a. Project Manager Phase One 20 - 25 Days as detailed below: b. Project Manager Phase Two 100 - 125 Days as detailed below: c. Project Manager Phase Three 10 - 15 Days as detailed below: d. Commercial Management QS Phase One 5 - 10 Days e. Commercial Management QS Phase Two 50 - 75 Days f. Commercial Management QS Phase Two 50 - 75 Days