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Nottingham City Council

Nottingham Castle NEC ECC Project Manager (CPU 2971)

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Publication Date
25 April 2018

12:00am, 09 April 2018

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Mace Limited (£136,825)

Nottingham City Council is seeking tenders from sufficiently experienced and qualified contractors for the provision of Services. The Authority's detailed requirements are defined in the Specification section. The project has completed RIBA Stages 1 to 4. The role is to act as Project Manager for the scheme for RIBA Stages 5 to 7. This will include managing the Construction Phase, under an NEC 3 Option A contract, as well as coordinating these works with other packages including exhibition fit out, adventure playground and catering and retail fit outs'. The principal stakeholders are Nottingham City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The preferred concessionaire, who will operate the destination post development, is the Nottingham Castle Trust. The Trust, as well as the principal stakeholders, will have an interest in ensuring the works are completed in terms of quality, cost and within programme. A Project Manager role will oversee the completion of the project reporting to Nottingham Council Project Team. It is essential that the Project Manager has experience of managing other similar projects with an NEC Construction Contract. Project Managers without this relevant experience should not apply.