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North York Moors National Park Authority

Landscape Charachter Assessment North York Moors

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16 March 2021

12:00pm, 06 April 2021

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Prepare a contemporary Landscape Character Assessment for the North York Moors National Park. A full specification is attached The existing Landscape Character assessment was commissioned in 2003 (and updated in 2004). Internal work was undertaken in 2011 but not completed. This was revisited in 2017 but again remains unpublished as the information was considered out of date. The result is that the information and level of detail for each of the Landscape Character types is inconsistent and therefore it is lacking in the level of robustness required given the weighting this document has in planning decisions. The aims of this work are to: 1) To revise the document and update in light of the changing policy context 2) To update the boundaries of the LCTs in the North York Moors LCA where required, in order to achieve cross-boundary consistency and consistency with landscape character work undertaken to support marine planning. 3) To ensure consistent attention is paid to all aspects of landscape character across all LCT's and the marine environment 4) To demonstrate the methodology, LCTs and study overall is up to date and fit for purpose Specification - An update and review of the existing Landscape Character Assessment to create a practical tool that can be used to inform and guide positive landscape change that will help to inform and achieve the vision for the North York Moors Management Plan - the development of policy (e.g. Local Plan) - the delive... to character of adjoining areas outside of the NP boundary (e.g. key views/setting); A visual and engaging summary of the special landscape qualities A summary of the relative contribution made by landscape elements and features (both benefits and detractors) to the landscape character of each LCA to allow comparison between them An updated and succinct list of the significant 'forces for change' across the National Park Initial recommendations as to landscape strategy/guidelines for each LCA (for development; land management; and recreation) Settlement-based guidelines identifying areas of development capacity and constraint, including key views (for the main town of Helmsley and the 16 'Larger Villages' identified at Strategic Policy B of the Local Plan Technical issues: Mapping must be compatible with our GIS systems (shapefile), and capable of being incorporated as a map layer on the new planning software system (Assure). All mapping data should be in British National Grid projection, with textual data attached to the shapefile as attribute data identifying each object. Photo library to be integrated into web-based/GIS versions, with all photos linked to their specific geographical locations, for example via a point layer. The point layer should contain a field with the photo name. Capability to incorporate access to other relevant documents (e.g. conservation area appraisals). Mapping is accessible via a mobile device with either wifi or in signal.