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University of Southampton

The Provision of Project Management Construction Consultancy Services for the University of Southampton North East Quadrant Redevelopment

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08 June 2021

12:00pm, 09 July 2021

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A project on the North East Quadrant of the Highfield Campus is therefore being considered as a development to provide a new visual gateway and functional focus to the University, to refocus a space used predominantly for car parking into productive academic use and help act as an attractor to students and staff from both the UK and internationally. The project has considerable potential to enhance the student, staff and visitor experience and will encompass rethinking of the North East part of campus pedestrian and vehicular routes and flows, servicing strategies, enhancement of the public realm, and add functions commensurate with the expectations of a leading Russell Group university. The site location graphic identifies the potential extent of the site. The services may expand beyond a North East Quadrant facility to potentially include interfaces with adjacent buildings, and associated enablement projects.