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Freebridge Community Housing Limited

Architectural Services for the redevelopment of the Hillington Square Estate, King's Lynn

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14 December 2019

12:00am, 20 January 2020

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The Hillington Square estate was constructed in the 1960s. It was transferred as part of a large scale voluntary stock transfer to Freebridge Community Housing in 2006 from the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk. As part of Freebridge's tenant promises at transfer it was agree that the area needed more investment than the decent homes programme. After further consultation with residents and stakeholders Freebridge Community Housing commenced the refurbishment programme in 2012. There is a master plan for the estate, of which some demolition has been completed and 203 properties have been refurbished. There are 89 residential properties remaining, of which approximately 10 are leasehold, and one commercial property. Freebridge Community Housing wish to continue with the concept design for the estate and the properties, and develop the external environment, access routes and parking courts.