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7 Forces Commercial Services

7F Multi-Disciplinary Construction Consultancy Services

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06 June 2022

12:00pm, 13 August 2021

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Baily Garner LLP, Ingleton Wood LLP

The Seven Force Strategic Collaboration consisting of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire Police Service including Kent and Essex Fire & Rescue service, wishes to deliver a single consistent approach to its contractual arrangements for all Forces within its scope for a multi-disciplinary Construction Consultancy service to deliver savings and to encourage local SME participation utilising JCT or NEC contracts dependent on Force / Project Each Authority has its own Estates and Facilities Department and is responsible for the management of Property within their own Constabularies / Fire and Rescue Service. The departments provide a comprehensive estate and property management service which comprises an on-going maintenance, refurbishment and building plan. The estate portfolio comprises of police stations, specialist complexes, Headquarters and Police Investigation Centres and Fire & Rescue premises within the Kent and Essex lot. The Estates Strategy of the Forces involves an investment plan to upgrade existing accommodation and to replace or dispose of the stock that does not feature in the long-term plans of the Forces. It also includes an increasing focus on the "one Public Estate" and site sharing with partners, including the Fire and Ambulance Services. The age, style and construction forms of the built assets are varied. For the framework to be successful, it is important to the Authority that the Partner is based in the region and has local experience and knowledge of the local supply chain. When engaging local SME's, the Consultant will be responsible for ensuring they have been pre-qualified and have had appropriate quality and security checks. Consultants must be able to physically attend our sites when required and have quarterly meetings. It is the Authorities intention to have a dedicated Consultancy for each Lot, and to award this contract to four separate consultancy firms (limit 1 lot per organisation in any group) although the Authorities reserve the right to award multiple Lots to one Supplier / another organisation if the benefit is deemed significant