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London Borough of Enfield

Mir CGI Procurement

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18 November 2021

11:59pm, 27 October 2020

Tender ID

Mir AS (£15,500)

Enfield Council (the Council) is seeking to appoint Mir to undertake a commission of the masterplan visualisation work. This follows a series of discussions and workshops between Enfield Council, Kjellander Sjoberg and Periscope between August and October 2020.

These images will support The Meridian Water Masterplan V2, which is a critical evidence piece to inform new area-based policies for Meridian Water in the new Local Plan for the next 10 years, and will be developed alongside and in compliance with emerging evidence in order to inform new Local Plan policy.

The commission is for the production of three high quality images depicting the landscape/public realm of the Meridian Masterplan 2.0, to better represent the vision of the project, with consideration to the Placemaking Pillars and Sustainability Strategy for Meridian Water. These images will be used for (but are not limited to) communications internally, with investors and shareholders, with the public and in promotional material regarding the Meridian Water scheme.

Periscope will provide artistic direction and be the main contact for the visual production process. Periscope will provide 3d modelling information and reference imagery depicting our intention for general mood, material and atmosphere.