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University of East Anglia

T0896 Development of Utility Infrastructure Strategy - AWARD

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Publication Date
27 September 2017

12:00am, 11 August 2017

Tender ID
T0896 - AWARD

Buro Happold Ltd (£0)

The University would like to make you aware of our Tender No T0896 for the appointment of a Mechanical and Electrical Services Engineer. The tender will be available to view shortly on our In-Tend website You will need to be registered with In-Tend if you wish to download a tender advertised on the system. If you are already registered with In-Tend you do not need to do anything but wait for the notification that the tender is available to view. If you are not registered with In-Tend, please follow instructions below. Suppliers Guide to In-Tend Registration In-Tend is an electronic tender system. It allows us to advertise our requirements for services and goods and for suppliers to express their interest in such opportunities. The system provides for the secure transfer of documents; queries to be dealt with efficiently; evaluation of PQQs and short-listing suppliers; evaluation of tender returns and finally award of contract. To register on the University of East Anglia In-Tend website: 1. Go to 2. Click on 'New User Registration'. 3. Complete your company details, clicking next after each page. 4. Click 'Register My Details' on the final page to complete the registration process. 5. Two E-mails from the University of East Anglia In-Tend system will be sent confirming your registration. 6. On receiving the 'Website User registration Accepted' E-mail you can log in to the secure area of the In-Tend Website. 7. If you need assistance, please contact the University of East Anglia Purchasing department on 01603 592401 / 592402 or In-Tend Technical support on 0114 407 0065 N.B. Requests for information on a project should always be made via the correspondence function within the software.