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Mole Valley District Council

MVDC - Appointment of Landscape Architect - Riverside Park, Leatherhead

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Publication Date
27 April 2022

12:00pm, 25 May 2022

Tender ID
IT-234-34421-MVDC - 034421

Mole Valley District Council invites tenders for the provision of Landscape Architecture and Design services as set out in these documents. The Council is procuring this Contract under the Open Procedure under the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015 and the Council's Contract Standing Orders and will be awarding one Contract for the provision of all services detailed within the Specification. The Commencement Date for the delivery of the services is scheduled to be on Monday 4 July 2022. The duration of the Contract will be in accordance with the agreed Project Timetable for the Project Period. It is estimated that the project duration will be a year.