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London Borough Of Lambeth

Extending the Low Line to Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea - A Vision for Activation and Delivery

Publication Platform
London Borough Of Lambeth

Publication Date
16 December 2021

5:00pm, 24 January 2022

Tender ID
100221 / Low Line / 2021

The London Boroughs of Lambeth and Wandsworth invite a creative practice or consortium to tender for the production of a vision document, highlighting the potential of the 250 viaduct arches in the VNEB Opportunity Area, and the space and routing alongside these. This must focus on the strategic potential of the infrastructure and route, as well as uncover opportunities at a micro neighbourhood scale, The aspiration for this work is to demonstrate how a continuous route tying into the area's historic and cultural context can be created and delivered on, and how the spaces inside the viaduct can support the further growth and post-pandemic recovery of the area, by offering an alternative form of accommodation for commercial and community activity. The vision document will form the basis of further engagement and project formulation and must present the potential of the new strategic link, as well as reveal the more local opportunities along the route, in a way that stimulates interest and galvanises action amongst partners. Project proposals should give consideration to, and be aligned with, the high-quality design principles and ethos of the existing Low Line in Southwark. The suggested work stages linked to expected project deliverables are: A. Project Inception B. Information Gathering C. Establishing a Baseline D. Developing the Vision E. Identification of Delivery Opportunities, Mechanisms & Phasing F. Identification of Priority Projects G. Final Report - A Vision for Activation and Delivery Please see in the attached documentation the Project Specification for project context and further details of required deliverables. Details of evaluation criteria and how to submit a tender are in the attached Evaluation Guidance.