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Devon County Council

CP1451-17 Greater Exeter Strategic Plan - Viability Evidence Study

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15 September 2017

12:00am, 28 July 2017

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Heb Chartered Surveyors t/as Nationwide CIL Service

The Local Authorities of East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge alongside Devon County Council are working on a joint plan for the 'Greater Exeter' area. The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) is in its early stages and work is required to consider strategic development allocations and their viability. The Local Authorities sought to procure support with the provision of viability expertise. We were seeking expertise to assess existing stalled allocated sites through a viability model to assist with the planning and acceleration of such sites. In addition we were seeking consultancy support to provide all the viability evidence necessary to bring forward the GESP, including assessment of future strategic development allocations, as well as a full Viability Evidence Report to enable the affordable housing rates/types as well as low carbon policies to be set for the GESP plan period of 2018 - 2040 in the context of appropriate levels of infrastructure planning gain (this could be both s106 and CIL ).