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Surrey Heath Borough Council

Camberley High Street Public Realm Improvements

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23 December 2017

12:00am, 23 January 2018

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The Camberley High Street Public Realm Improvements Scheme is intended to make the High Street better for pedestrians and provide an important hub including increasing the quantity of usable open space. This will be achieved by prioritising pedestrians on the existing High Street corridor and improvements to the public realm. These improvements will include street furniture and use of appropriate materials, including green and soft landscaping. This project is heavily focused on the delivery of high quality urban design as a mechanism to transform the public realm, improve access and movement and reduce the dominance of cars on Camberley High Street. It is expected that the commission is urban design led, giving pedestrian priority, with transport/highway access to vehicles including Cars and Service Vehicles through a multi-disciplinary support approach to deliver detailed design up to the construction stage in accordance with the brief.