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University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Specialist Healthcare Planning Adviser

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03 February 2021

12:00pm, 17 February 2021

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The Trust is seeking to appoint a specialist Healthcare Planning Adviser (supplier) to support the design development of the new healthcare facilities and the production of a detailed design solution. The specialist healthcare planning adviser shall specifically provide support in connection with the design development of The Trust's 3 projects 1 - Maternity Unit 2 - Children's Hospital 3 - Treatment Centre There are approximately 15 departments in each project, totalling 45 departments. The programme is to run from 1st April 2021 for 5 months Plus associated non-clinical components and whole hospital planning as well as pro-actively contributing to the wider design development and clinical and design planning of the new healthcare facilities. The appointed Supplier is expected to work collaboratively with other members of the Trust's Programme and Project Team and specifically members of the Trust's healthcare planning team that will include other specialist technical advisers. Health Planning Duties The Supplier shall perform the following scope of Services: 1. Support the Trust in developing the detailed clinical and architectural design solution to meet the Trust's requirements and specifically the clinical and architectural design briefing documentation. 2. Support the preparation, development and implementation of an effective schedule of clinical and non-clinical design development and engagement meetings. 3. Lead clinical planning meetings on behalf of the Trust Clinical Planning Lead and proactively work with the Trust Clinical Planning Lead, design team and contractor to support the development and interpretation of the Trust requirements. 4. Provide specialist clinical planning input into the design development of 1:500; 1:200 initially with an option to add input into the 1:50 design solutions in a future procurement, and ensure that where possible the design is developed following the principle objectives of standardisation. 5. Provide specialist healthcare planning experience in challenging Trust Clinical and Non-Clinical Service Units and the appointed Architect/Lead Designer in developing an efficient technical design solution. 6. Monitor changes to the Trust clinical planning briefing documentation throughout the design development process and advise the Trust about any risks relating to area increases and design-related risks as the proposals are developed and provide advice and support to identifying mitigation solutions. 7. Support the Trust in the review of design proposals as they are prepared and presented by the design team. 8. Support the Trust in the consideration and resolution of issue and clinical planning/relevant design matters.