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BE23228 - Xlinks Technical Advisor

Publication Platform
Cabinet Office

Publication Date
11 April 2024

11:00am, 21 February 2024

Tender ID

Mott Macdonald Limited

** This is an Awarded Contract, Not a Call for Competition. This this Contract has been awarded via the CCS RM6187 Management Consultancy Framework - (MCF3) - Lot 8: Infrastructure including Transport ** The Department is seeking a Technical Advisor to provide a broad range of advice and support in relation to the technical viability of the Xlinks project. This advice will cover a wide range of aspects of the project including but not limited to the feasibility of the high voltage direct current (HVDC) conversion stations, an assessment of the assumptions made relating to the generation assets and their supply chains, the viability of the project's overall deployment plan and further due diligence on the feasibility of the HVDC subsea cables following an initial assessment undertaken earlier this year.