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Grimsby Institute Of Further & Higher Education

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19 July 2019

12:00am, 23 August 2019

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Partial Redevelopment of Worsley Building and Library as Institute of Technology

Please read the tender document carefully and ensure that for all elements required you provide evidence or a statement to fulfil the requirements. Background: The TEC Partnership is part of a unique collaboration between higher and further education providers and employers to establish an Institute of Technology (IoT) in Yorkshire. The IoT will specialise in delivering higher-level technical skills which aim to help close skills gaps and improve productivity. The TEC Partnership has been awarded capital funds to redevelop part of the Scarborough TEC Campus. With the first phase as follows: 1. RIBA Services Stage 1 through to Stage 4 Inclusive including: a. Fully designed and co-ordinated package to enable the tendering of the works including all drawings, details, schedule of work, specification and where applicable NBS. b. Detailed FFE layout plans illustrating of all areas both re-purposed and existing. c. Co-ordinated Interior Design aligned to clients environmental theme d. Seek formal Statutory approvals - Building Control and Planning for external element. 2. Scope of work to address the following a. Redevelop part of the ground floor of Worsley Building to form a range of classrooms, specialist IT suites and workshops to support new / emerging courses. b. Create a clear IoT identity for the interiors and entrance to Worsley c. Replace existing timber frame windows and external doors to Worsley with double glazed units throughout d. Through creative and innovative interior design formulate an IT rich flexible space for the provision of social learning, digital arts and engineering provision centred on 3D printing and cutting edge technologies on the first floor of our existing library. This needs to be cutting edge design with imaginative use of materials and technologies that has a clear resonance with the locality, educational aspirations and exemplary environmental credentials Full standards and services can be found in the Prelim / Specification Document and the Scheme Drawings appended to this ITT