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Nottingham City Council

Programme Officer Services (CPU 3075)

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18 April 2018

12:00am, 09 April 2018

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Jayne Knight

Nottingham City Council wishes to appoint a programme officer to manage the Examination in Public of its Land and Planning Policies Document (LAPP), which contains development management and site allocation planning policies. On adoption, this document will be the second part of the Development Plan for the City, and will sit alongside the first part of the Development Plan: the Nottingham City Aligned Core Strategy (adopted in September 2014). The City Council will seek to appoint the Programme Officer during April 2018 to enable the Programme Officer to advise on early administrative matters which will help to ensure the smooth running of the Examination (eg form of Examination Libraries and Examination venues). The City Council will submit its LAPP document in April 2018 and the Planning Inspectorate have indicated that hearing sessions for the Examination are programmed to commence from July 2018. At appointment (prior to Submission), the call on the Programme Officer's time is likely to be minimal but will scale up towards the hearing sessions. Recent experience of examinations locally shows that the Inspector may require additional hearing sessions, and that the Inspectorate may defer the main hearing sessions due to Inspector availability. Any additional hearing sessions would be likely to commence September 2018. Appropriate accommodation and IT equipment for the Programme Officer will be provided in the main council offices of Nottingham City Council at Loxley House in Nottingham. The City Council will however ensure accommodation provides sufficient independence and separation from the work of the Planning Policy Team, who are preparing the LAPP, which is in line with guidance from the Planning Inspectorate.