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Highgate Cemetery Landscape Competition - Stage 1

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Publication Date
25 November 2020

12:00pm, 13 January 2021

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(MT Ref:220616)

Highgate Cemetery is looking for the best team to produce a landscape masterplan to guide the development of the Cemetery over the next twenty-five years. The plan must preserve and enhance the qualities for which the Cemetery has been appreciated over generations while enabling it to meet the varied demands and expectations of the twenty-first century. It is open to everyone who is a qualified landscape architect registered with the Landscape Institute in the UK or the equivalent in their home country. This first open stage of the landscape competition focuses on establishing a preliminary landscape vision and framework, the second then provides the opportunity to work up the design approach into an outline masterplan. Four teams will be shortlisted to compete in the second stage with their work funded by an honorarium to contribute to the basic costs of preparing more detailed submissions. It is proposed that a single team will then be appointed to develop their proposals and take them forward to implementation. The submission of Stage 1 proposals shall be made digitally and are limited to four single sided A3 sheets of landscape orientation, an A4 declaration of authorship and an A4 third party declaration for the use of Ordnance Survey data. A Standard Selection Questionnaire (SSQ) must also be fully completed and submitted.