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Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Framework - England, Northern Ireland and Wales

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29 April 2021

12:00pm, 03 August 2018

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Scape procure wishes to establish a framework agreement for use by or on behalf of public sector bodies (andtheir respective statutory successors and organisations created as a result of re-organisations or organisationalchanges). Applications are invited from experienced providers of civil engineering and infrastructure (worksand services) who can provide high quality works and services using a customer focused approach particularlyin the public sector. It is anticipated that the works and services will be provided by the provider themselves,through their supply chain or via a consortium/joint venture arrangement. Scape procure is open to receiving responses from consortia, joint ventures, strategic alliances and other sucharrangements, however such organisations will be required to form a single legal entity to contract with prior tothe award of the contract and provide appropriate guarantees and security packages commensurate with theworks/services. The specific works and services that may be procured under the Framework cannot be clearlydefined at this stage, however the nature and types of works that may be required may include those servicesidentified by CPV code on or in connection with any land or property and related asset owned, rented, leasedor developed by any of the public sector bodies eligible to use the Framework or on property or related assetsin which any of the public sector bodies may have an interest at the time or prospectively and may includeprojects in the following sectors, amongst others: - education, housing, social care, leisure, libraries, blue light,health and social care, offices, transport, military, farms, recycling and waste centres, industrial and commercialbuildings and other public sector operational buildings and establishments. The works and services willcomprise all types of engineering works and construction works. Construction work for pipelines, communicationand powerlines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork. Construction work for water projects.Construction works for plants, mining and manufacturing and for buildings relating to the oil and gas industry.Construction work. Site preparation work. Test drilling and boring work. Works for complete or part constructionand civil engineering work. Building construction work. Roof works and other special trade construction works.Building installation work. Electrical installation work. Plumbing and sanitary works. Fencing, railing and safetyequipment installation work. Mechanical installations. Architectural, construction, engineering and inspectionservices. Architectural and related services. Engineering services. Urban planning and landscape architecturalservices. Construction-related services. Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services. Monitoring andcontrol services. Consulting services for water-supply and waste consultancy. Laboratory services. Generatingsets. Solar energy. Insulation work.