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Mendip District Council

Glastonbury Clean Energy Project Phase 1 (Feasibility)

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Mendip District Council

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23 September 2021

3:00pm, 19 October 2021

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Description Glastonbury is one of the 101 towns in England within the Government's Town Deal Initiative and has been offered a £23.6 million grant to deliver the 12 projects in the Glastonbury Town Investment Plan - see - subject to developing viable Business Cases which must be completed by 28 June 2022. One of the projects is the Glastonbury Clean Energy Project and the Council is proposing to appoint a contractor for a period of seven months to carry out feasibility work and help develop the project's Business Case & Plan . This Glastonbury Clean Energy Project is being led and delivered by Avalon Community Energy (ACE) and will be located on Beckery on the outer edge of Glastonbury. It comprises a substantial investment in community energy generation and transport infrastructure. £2.6 million is being made available from the Town Deal to deliver it and match funding will come from community investment and a provisional sum of £1 million was included in the initial project proposal. The purposes for which the annual surpluses are applied will be determined in collaboration with stakeholders through a mutually agreed governance arrangement (TBA). Phase 1 will determine the scope and scale of: • the subsequent multi million capital investment in community energy generation • the contribution to achieving Glastonbury's carbon neutral goal • the surplus available for future community benefit. As a guide, ACE has done a preliminary assessment of solar, wind and anaerobic digestion energy generation potential which could save around 1k tonnes of carbon per year and yield an annual revenue surplus of £100 - £200k and may comprise, but not limited to, a mix of community owned installations e.g.: • Solar PV - with a provisional mix (subject to detailed analysis) of 4.4 MW ground-mounted solar array + 500kW of roof top PV panels providing power to adjacent Town Deal Projects, adjacent business premises and local customers; • 1 MW battery to balance energy generation with demand; • 50 EV charge points at the Park and Ride with a bank of slow and rapid charge points - number and capacity TBD Expressions of Interest (EoI) Notification of EoI Please notify your interest in this RFQ via e-mail to ''. Applications All applications/submissions are to be sent by e-mail to '' by 3pm 19th October 2021. Please take careful note of documentation requirements for your submission. Clarifications All clarifications will be managed via the e-mail account '' Along with your EoI, please let us know who is your central point of contact for clarification responses. NB please quote 'Glastonbury Clean Energy Project Phase 1 (Feasibility)' in all e-mail Subject Headers.