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Winchester City Council


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Cabinet Office

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08 September 2023

11:59pm, 05 July 2023

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Studio Response Ltd

West of Waterlooville/Berewood is a Major Development Area in the south east of Winchester district. Building commenced in early 2008 with developer Taylor Wimpey completing 553 residential units. In March 2012 Grainger Trust were granted further permission for a total of 2550 residential units, of which 1055 residential units have to date been built and occupied. Further phases of the development include the balance of residential units as well as 2 primary schools, a local centre (comprising retail, community building, land for healthcare, land for elderly care), public house, allotments, land for a cemetery, open space, recreation and play areas. Further information about the development is available in the supporting information. As part of the planning permission for this Major Development Area a Section 106 agreement is in place and this includes a public art fund. There is an existing public art programme which has generated multiple projects to varying degrees of completion. Further information about the existing art programme is available in the supporting information. Winchester City Council ("the council") is seeking to appoint a professional consultancy, agency or individual ("the supplier") to carry out a review of the partially completed existing Public Art Programme and conduct a new community engagement programme. The supplier will then bring forward their recommendations for the approach to the new programme for approval, prior to creating a revised fully costed programme of public art. The revised programme should be deliverable in three distinct phases, in line with funding milestones, and should include a minimum of 25% local (Hampshire) artists. The supplier will manage the subsequent procurement, commissioning and delivery of art projects in phase one of the agreed programme, in line with the council's procedures. The supplier will be required to work alongside council officers, in collaboration with an existing Arts Advisory Panel and West of Waterlooville Forum, to deliver the revised Public Art Programme ensuring high quality and best value are achieved. Once the revised public art programme is agreed, projects will be completed in stages, as funds become available, in line with occupation rates triggering Section 106 contributions from the developer to Winchester City Council. The 1,000 occupied unit threshold has just been surpassed and funds received. Further contributions are expected at 1,500 and 2,000 occupied units, the timescales for this are dependent on market demand. The supplier will be responsible for fully delivering the first phase of the programme, for which funds are available, as outlined in the downloadable document.