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Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Cannon Hall Re-Development Works - Provision of Landscape Works (Contract 3)

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Publication Date
01 July 2019

12:00am, 18 February 2019

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Horticon Ltd (£939,267)

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (the Council) is looking to appoint a contractor to undertake a package of landscape improvements works throughout much of the Listed Cannon Hall Park and Gardens, including paths, site furniture, signage, planting and drainage. The primary aims are to enhance the landscape quality of the publicly assessable greenspace, to preserve and interpret its historical importance, to make the site physically more accessible, and to enhance the relationship between the public park and Cannon Hall Museum. This contract will be Contract 3 of a total of 3 works packages to be commissioned in the re-development of the Cannon Hall Parks and Gardens. This contract is the 3rd package of work to be commissioned as part of a redevelopment project using Heritage Lottery Funding. Further information on the project is available free of charge at