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Strategic Outline Case for a Future Archive

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17 December 2021

12:00pm, 28 January 2022

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The British Film Institute ('BFI') is the UK's lead organisation for film and the moving image. Our mission includes growing and caring for the world's largest film and television archive, the BFI National Archive. The BFI seeks tenders from potential providers for the supply of a compelling and forward-thinking Strategic Outline Case for the Future of the BFI National Archive. We want the BFI National Archive to be known for connecting and sharing with audiences and transforming the understanding of each other and the world through film, television and the moving image. The BFI is looking for an inter-disciplinary team of public value / market research and built form design thinking, able to undertake a highly exciting and innovative piece of evidence-building work. The BFI already holds (or plans to conduct) supporting studies such as a Cultural, Social and Economic Impact Report, collection growth analysis and a condition survey for the existing site which will be shared with the successful candidate as they are completed The Deliverables from this procurement will be the research and robust recommendations that will deliver the world's most innovative moving image archive by 2033. As some of the information in the full Invitation to Tender is sensitive, potential providers are invited to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement. On receipt of a signed copy of the Agreement, the BFI will release the full Invitation to Tender to that potential provider. The tender deadline is 12:00 noon on 28 January 2022.