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Hampshire County Council

Land East of Basingstoke - Phase 2 - AWARD

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Publication Date
08 September 2021

2:00pm, 31 August 2021

Tender ID
P11899 - AWARD

Mace Limited (£93,054)

Dear Sir/Madam, You are invited to tender for the Land East of Basingstoke - Phase 2 and have been supplied with the attached documents. Please download all the documents and read VERY carefully. Opting In and Out Please note you are required to 'Opt In' before you can access the 'My tender Return' to start populating your response. The 'Opt Out' functionality will also be available throughout the duration of the tender process. Opting out will give you the option of declaring you no longer want to receive any further communication in relation to this tender along with the opportunity of providing comments and feedback for this decision. You can choose to 'Opt In' at any time during the tender process if you initially decided to 'Opt Out'. Your completed tender return document(s) and form of tender should be submitted via In Tend no later than 2pm on Wednesday 7th April 2021. Kind regards, Dimitri Eleftheriou