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Newport City Homes

GB-Newport: Physical Adaptation Works

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23 July 2019

12:00am, 21 August 2019

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The contract is to maintain and adapt properties owned or managed by Newport City Homes. This includes the properties of any organisation that the client manages, now or in the future and any additional properties the client subsequently acquires by development, stock transfer or purchase. NCH stock currently comprises a variety of construction types and includes three 13 storey high rise blocks. The stock portfolio is as follows: 8101 General Social housing units (includes 787 blocks of flats - total of 4787 flats) 645 Leasehold units 97 Commercial premises 148 Shared ownership properties 793 Sheltered accommodation (includes 4 guest flats) 782 Garages The scope of work under this contract comprises the following work streams: Physical Adaptions, both minor and major works. Associated technical inspections Which may include: Major Works may include the following works in relation to adaptation works: Design, supply and renewal or alteration of adapted kitchens Design, supply and renewal or alteration of adapted bathrooms Renewal of electrical wiring components Renewal of windows and/or external and communal doors Works to achieve "secure by Design" Upgrading of paving and other hard surfaces including ramps Alterations and upgrading of drainage and sewerage Redecoration and pre-decoration repairs.purchase