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Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council - Architectural and M&E Design Services

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02 August 2021

12:00pm, 01 September 2021

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Cambridge City Council is seeking to appoint a Design Services Team to provide services related to two lots as outlined below. Cambridge City Council (CCC) is actively seeking to build new Affordable Housing for rent across the City. CCC has identified eight potential small sites in two lots which may progress as housing infill and requires Design Services to inform the further progressing and potential development of these sites. The two services up to and including RIBA stage 4 in accordance with the RIBA Plan of Work 2020, up to and including RIBA Stage 3: submission of Planning Application and RIBA Stage 4 Technical Design include Services for: 1. architectural services including surveys, landscape design, passivhaus design, and planning advice to achieve planning recommendations for approval 2. M&E design and PHPP (passivhaus consultancy) Over two lots 1. Pilot ERDF Net Zero Carbon Development 2. Passivhaus Certified Developments Bidders can bid for both services over both lots, one service over one or both lots, or both services over one lot.