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Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions (DPS)

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Crown Commercial Service

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18 August 2020

3:00pm, 05 April 2024

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CCS is setting up a dynamic purchasing system and is inviting bidders to request to participate in the VCIS DPS. This will provide central government and wider public sector departments the opportunity to procure an extensive range of vehicle charging products and services.The three (3) distinct elements of the DPS service filters which are: (i) Buyer funded, (ii) supplier funded, and (iii) funding route to be decided, where the Buyer requires consultancy and feasibility services to determine which funding option would be most appropriate/available to them. If you are successfully appointed to the DPS following your submission you will be invited by customers (Buyers) to submit tenders for relevant services through a call for competition. This DPS remains open for any supplier to request to participate throughout its 48 month duration. CCS reserve the right to reduce, extend or terminate the DPS period at any time during its lifetime in accordance with the terms set out in the DPS Agreement.