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Connexus Housing Limited

Connexus Warmer Homes ERDF Project - Retrofit Contractor(s)

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05 March 2020

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This is a PIN for a tender to Connexus Housing Limited ("Connexus") to provide Design and Build Construction services for deep retrofit based on a lifetime modelled pathway towards EnerPHit (an internationally recognised standard for whole house energy efficiency retrofit of existing homes based on Passivhaus modelling principles) focussed initially around external wall insulation, some replacement mansard roofs and heating and smart heating control solutions for properties at the following locations; Phase 1 Lot 1 - EWI for 132 Homes in Hereford and Shropshire to EnerPHit standard (this may include a small portion of new windows and doors). Lot 2 - Replacement space heating system (likely to include ASHP, electric immersion top up for hot water or HHRSH & electric immersion for hot water, possibly new wood burning stoves & removal of existing solid fuel burning stoves and back boilers)for around 70 homes and smart heating controls to EnerPHit standard for 132 homes. Lot 3 - Replacement mansard roof and windows for 20 top floor flats in Herefordshire (Three storey Cornish units) to EnerPHit standard. Phase 2 The project may also be extended to additional locations in Shropshire and for an extended period subject to further funding becoming available. This work is not guaranteed. Connexus will not be under any obligation to award Phase 2 to the winning contractor for Phase 1. Phase 2 is being developed currently. Indicative archetypes are similar to the Shropshire houses in phase 1. Number of properties = 73 houses in Phase 2.