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West of England Combined Authority

Provision of Delivery Organisations to support the Green Homes Grant Local Delivery Phase 2

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09 March 2021

6:00pm, 09 April 2021

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As part of the Government's Covid-19 Green Stimulus package, c£52 million has been made available to the West of England Combined Authority, as accountable body to the South West Energy Hub, to promote the adoption of energy efficiency and low carbon measures in domestic properties via the Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Phase 2 scheme. The West of England Combined Authority intends to appoint several Delivery Organisations to deliver the entire Customer Journey (lead generation through to installation completion). This opportunity has been divided into seven Lots, each one referring to a LEP geographical area. Bidders can apply for up to two Lots and will be awarded a maximum of two Lots. Please see 1.0B LADs2 Document 1 GHG LAD ITT - Appendix B - Lot Evaluation Detail, and 1.0 LADs2 Document 1 GHG Lad Invitation to Tender (particularly in relation to multiple bids) for details. The eventual agreements concern the installation of insulation and other energy efficiency measures, non-fossil fuel heating and micro-generation measures in the homes of households who are either on low incomes and are identified as suffering from fuel poverty . The Delivery Organisations are responsible for managing the end-to-end Customer Journey, which includes but is not exclusive to: marketing and engagement, assessing the household's eligibility, conducting a property assessment, identifying the Measures which are suitable for the Dwelling, carrying out a technical assessment, installing the Measures, arranging a mid and post-Installation Inspection (as appropriate), arranging billing of the Authority and the Customer, as appropriate, and following up with monitoring and evaluation as per the relevant PAS2035 pathway. For full details please see the linked Tender document pack. Please note that the estimated Lot values stated throughout this Contract Notice are the amount WECA have allocated to each Lot Area however the WECA reserves the right, in circumstances where it reasonably believes that a Delivery Organisation will be unable to utilise the funds allocated to the Lot Area in the time available, to reallocate funds to a different Lot Area and a different Delivery Organisation with a view to maximising the use of the Scheme funds and impact of the Scheme. In such circumstances, the eventual Lot value shall be reduced or increased accordingly. Bidders are strongly encouraged to review all of the Tender Documents including the Contract Terms and Conditions prior completing a tender submission.