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Eden District Council

AHAZ St Lawrences Church Appleby - Railings re-issue

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18 May 2018

12:00am, 06 July 2018

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Eden District Council (EDC) are seeking to appoint a contractor to provide a quotation on the attached specifications and then project manage the replacement of at least 35m of iron railings that form part of the curtilage at St Lawrence's Church (Grade 1 listed), Appleby, damaged as a result of the 2015/16 winter floods. These historic railings have been gradually deteriorating over a number of years. Replacement mild steel and resin have been added. In the flood of 2015, the railings were torn from the anchoring stonework and the stonework and many railings were irreparably damaged. Some railings have been rescued. New railings and replacement stonework has been identified and sourced. A contractor is required to install new stone works on lime mortar bases, and railings repositioned and attached with hot lead work. The site is a busy walking route and minimal impact is requested. The site also borders consecrated ground. Minimal impact on the graveyard is essential. Respect also must be paid should funerals take place during the contract works period