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Amber Valley Borough Council

Business Unit/Employment Land Feasibility Study

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Amber Valley Borough Council

Publication Date
19 June 2019

12:00am, 02 August 2019

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Amber Valley Borough Council is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced consultancy to undertake a detailed feasibility study that will: 1. Examine the potential of three existing land assets that are available to the Council and assess the market viability of developing employment land for incubation units/business start-ups. 2. To identify and evaluate private sector land that may also be available for purchase by the Council for the development of the units, or where the Council can facilitate land owners to bring forward the build potential. To ensure long term financial sustainability and local economic growth, the successful consultancy will be required to undertake an overall market demand analysis, to identify the number and type of units required, the overall level of demand and the likely levels of rent. The study will also require a full examination of the constraints, costs of developing the project, likely return on investment and market viability, which must include a soft market test. Deadlines: • Expressions of interest/Request of documents, 2 August 19 • Estimated return date for tenders 9 September 19 • Estimated start date 14 October 19 • Estimated completion 13 January 19