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BMB Joint Venture (BAM Nuttall, Morgan Sindall PLC & Balfour Beatty)

Thames Tideway Tunnel - C405 Main Works West - Architectural Metalwork

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08 January 2021

12:00pm, 16 October 2019

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Alloy Fabweld Limited

The Thames Tideway Tunnel project (the Project) will control CSO discharges by intercepting and diverting combined sewage flows into a new storage and transfer tunnel. The main tunnel will run from Acton Storm Tanks in west London to Abbey Mills Pumping Station in the east, where it will connect to the Lee Tunnel, which will transfer the combined sewage to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works for treatment. The Project extends from Acton Storm Tanks in west London, to Abbey Mills Pumping Station in east London. The Project includes associated works at Beckton STW, Shad Thames Pumping Station and Bekesbourne Street. The geographic layout of the Project and local authorities through which it passes is shown in Figure 1. The Project comprises: a. tunnels: i. a main tunnel which will capture and store combined sewage from CSOs along its route and transfer it to Abbey Mills Pumping Station, from where the Lee Tunnel will transfer it for treatment at Beckton Sewage Treatment Works ii. 11 connection tunnels, which will link flows from CSOs to the main tunnel. b. Worksites: i. five main tunnel Worksites (drive and/or reception sites) ii. 16 CSO Worksites iii. two System modification Worksites Thames Tideway Tunnel iv. works at Beckton Sewage Treatment works. Section 4: Scope of Works The Subcontract works comprise of but are not limited to the provision of all materials, labour, plant and equipment to carry out the supply and install for Architectural Metalwork across the following worksites all in accordance with the Works Information and Site Information provided below along with the specification, drawings, and other documents listed herein or as may be required by the Main Contract: 1. ACTST: Acton Storm Tanks, Canham Road, W3 7SR 2. CARRR: London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Carnwath Road, London, SW6 3HR 3. DRMST: Dormay Street, Wandsworth, SW18 1EY 4. HAMPS: Hammersmith Pumping Station, Distillery Road, Hammersmith, W6 9AD 5. KNGGP: Neville Gill Close, Wandsworth, SW18 4BS 6. PUTEF: Putney Pier, Lower Embankment Road, London, SW15 1LB The Subcontractor's pricing is to include for but not limited to the following: - Production of RAMS for BMB and Tideway Approval - Allowance for 1 day of Safety Induction per person - Temporary works designs associated with the works. This includes the provision of any CAT 1, 2, or 3 which may be required to satisfy any Subcontractor temporary works designs. 4.1.1 Scope for Architectural Metalwork Works. The Subcontract works include but are not limited to: The Subcontractor shall provide all works included on drawings in section 4.7.1 for the PUTEF Mini Piling Works at the PUTEF works site as detailed below: ACTST: Scope of works include the design, supply and installation of: • Safety Grill to Ventilation Column CARRR: Scope