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Historic England

Setting review of St Paul's Cathedral - AWARD

Publication Platform
Cabinet Office

Publication Date
20 February 2024

12:00pm, 24 August 2023

Tender ID
IT-514-212-P/REF 00000212 - AWARD

Caroe Architecture Ltd

Historic England are contributing to the commissioning of a Statement of Significance for St Pauls. This is in line with established practice for monuments of equivalent value, recognised under the UNESCO World Heritage regime (such as the Tower of London). These benefit from statements which provide fuller descriptions of their value, including of their authenticity and integrity, and which provide much greater clarity and specificity about significance as baseline principles which are then managed through the planning system. The most effective of these statements include descriptions of how the monuments relate to their setting and are designed to be used specifically for the preservation and enhancement of heritage significance. In addition, the most useful statements clearly align with the recognised technical approaches, assessment methodologies, definitions and language (descriptive and technical) used within the planning process.