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The Coal Authority

Reedbed Management Strategy - Development and Implementation.

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The Coal Authority

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28 June 2018

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This notice is not a call for competition - The Coal Authority intends to issue the call for competition on or after 31 08 2018. The Coal Authority was established by Parliament to undertake specific statutory duties, set out in the Coal Industry Act 1994, associated with licensing coal mining operations; managing property and the historic legacy arising from the ownership of the coal reserves and underground workings; settling subsidence damage claims not falling on coal mine operators and providing access to coal mining information. As part of fulfilling its statutory obligations, the Coal Authority uses reed beds to treat minewater discharges. Please see the attached photos for examples of some of these schemes. The Coal Authority is seeking to develop and implement a long term reed bed management strategy within its regulated activities. With the potential for significant capital investment over the next 5 years, the Authority would like to enlist the help of a framework partner to help us develop and deliver this objective. Specifically we would like help with: - Provision of expert knowledge and experience in reed bed design, planting, maintenance, remediation, desludging / desilting - Development of best practice - Treatment of waste - including sustainable disposal options (composting, deployment to agricultural land, land remediation) - Innovation - Delivery of all of the above The framework will operate in the former coal mining and metal mining areas of England, Scotland & Wales and will be a key delivery mechanism for minewater scheme refurbishment. Deliverables from this framework are the development of a reed bed management strategy and subsequent implementation via the undertaking of related refurbishment works. The Authority would welcome contact from parties interested in this potential opportunity - interested parties should contact the buyer using the contact details provided.