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Norwich City Council e-Tendering

9989 Obelisk drinking fountain, Tombland Norwich

Publication Platform
Norwich City Council

Publication Date
11 May 2020

12:00am, 12 June 2020

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We require the supplier to undertake a full refurbishment of the pink granite Obelisk drinking fountain including; o Removal off site and safe storage o Cleaning of granite structure by suitably qualified and accredited monumental mason o Faucet design and manufacture o Fixtures and fittings as required to bring back into use as public drinking water fountain including specification and installation of infrastructure to meet client's operational obligations for public drinking water, including but not limited to Water Regulations, COSHH, thermal checks, flushing, cleaning and bacterial testing o Specification of structural base and ducts for replacement supplies for construction on site by others. o Re-installation of Obelisk on site and commissioning o 12 months maintenance (through defect liability period) and handover of all information necessary for continual maintenance, repair and decommissioning of the drinking water fountain as required by Construction, Design and Management (CDM) regulations.