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Doncaster Council

Provision of Asbestos Management Services - Lot 4

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11 January 2022

12:00pm, 14 February 2022

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Doncaster Council and St. Leger Homes of Doncaster are looking to partner procure organisations to deliver asbestos services for all properties managed by SLHD including, domestic properties, communal areas and commercial buildings via a Framework agreement. SLHD are an award winning company that provides housing services across Doncaster, managing manage in excess of 20,000 council dwellings along with a number of leasehold properties, gypsy and traveller sites, residential sites, garages, shops and communal buildings on behalf of the Council. This Lot is for Analytical Services. Air monitoring to be carried out by the Contractor to assist SLHD to manage asbestos in its premises within its legal requirements and responsibilities as the duty holder as well as to ensure the safety of operatives whilst work is being conducted and occupants of the property once work has completed. Air monitoring should be carried out during and after surveying, sampling, removal and remedial work in to avoid exposure of operatives or occupants to airborne asbestos contamination. This Lot will be awarded to up to a maximum of 2 suppliers. Call-offs from this lot will be by direct award to the highest ranked bidder based on price and quality overall. The Contract duration is 2 years with 2 further options to extend of up to 12 months each.