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Procurement of a Developer

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29 October 2021

12:00pm, 29 November 2021

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Stroud District Council - Brimscombe Port

The council wishes to procure and appoint a Developer to work with the Council to realise the vision for Brimscombe Port and deliver a sustainable new residential-led mixed use community that meets the needs of both existing and future residents. By responding to the site's unique characteristics with innovative and inspiring design; the Council aspires to see the delivery of an exemplar scheme that integrates with the existing surroundings and improves and expands upon the site's opportunities to enhance daily life for occupiers and visitors alike. The six objectives for the site are to: 1. Create a distinctive and memorable place, appropriate to its context and history with a strong character and identity; 2. Build sustainable, energy efficient buildings and low impact development that minimises harm to the environment; 3. Create a vibrant and inclusive community that provides for a range of ages, affordability and demographics; 4. Create and integrate landscape comprehensively, enhancing biodiversity and creating new habitats that bring nature into the site; 5. Encourage wellness and healthy lifestyles through the new open spaces and enhance existing routes to increase the recreational uses in the area and commutable travel routes across the site; 6. Create a financially sustainable canal to ensure the ongoing quality of the waterside setting. The specific outputs are as follows: • Reinstate the former canal and associated infrastructure including the port basin and towpath and remediate the site from contamination and flood alleviation • Provide canal moorings, including residential moorings • Provide a mix of energy efficient residential units, predominantly 1, 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings, with 30% affordable homes • Provide new community facilities • Provide energy efficient commercial/retail units/offices • Incorporate and encourage active travel • Be built to 'Building for Life 12' and 'Building with Nature' standards, enhancing biodiversity and creating new habitats that bring nature into the site. To deliver these proposals the Council is procuring a Developer using the competitive dialogue procedure. The procedure has been chosen in order to allow potential developers the opportunity to shape optimum solutions with the Council for the benefit of both the Council and the developer. The successful developer will be awarded a contract for the development of the Sites on the basis of award criteria split 30% (Value) : 70% Quality. A summary of the award criteria that the Council intends to use to assess final tenders is set out in section 11 of the draft Invitation to Participate in Dialogue. The full award criteria will be made available to applicants who are invited to participate in dialogue following conclusion of the SQ stage. To access the procurement documents, applicants must email Kirk Hardy ( ) to request a log in to the Gleedspace portal at