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London Borough of Barnet

Highways and Transport Services - Civil engineering consultancy services

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05 July 2021

12:00pm, 05 July 2021

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The Barnet Long Term Transport Strategy (LTTS) 2020 to 2041 sets out a vision to enable cycling to be the transport mode of choice for medium distance journeys, especially for trips to town centres and stations, with safe infrastructure and plentiful parking making it pleasant and convenient. The strategy envisages that such routes will also link to Barnet's leisure facilities and greenways. The A5 is a major north-south route on the border between LB Barnet and LB Brent and LB Harrow. The provision of a cycle route on or adjacent to the A5 contributes to the goals set out in the LTTS. This commission request the: 1. Preliminary design of an approx 4 mile cycle route, broadly adjacent to the A5 in LB Barnet. The route will use quiet roads and green space and, if possible, options for utililisation of routes through adjacent development sites. Refer to attached sketches ('A5 Cycle Route' and 'Barnet Loop'), showing approximate location (approx. mile markers 13 to 17 on the 'Barnet Loop' sketch) and Technical Note. 2. Feasibility design of 2no sections of the 'Barnet Loop' to the north-east and east of the A5 parallel route (approx. mile markers 8 to 13 and 17 to 2 on the attached 'Barnet Loop' sketch). This opportunity has been distributed on