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Contract for RIBA Stage 3 & 4 Haldon redevelopment project

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11 February 2022

5:00pm, 25 January 2022

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Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd

The RIBA 2 Haldon Redevelopment feasibility report was completed in July 2020 by Wilmott Dixon. This Contract is a continuation under SCAPE Framework. The Scope of this contract is: - as contained in the Framework Agreement Schedules 3, 6, 7 and 12, for the RIBA Stages 3 and 4, - RIBA stage 3 - Detailed design & cost plan with feedback from supply chain and reflective of client changes from RIBA 2, - RIBA stage 4 -Technical Design including market testing exercise with 100% of packages tested - complete ecology surveys & testing of infrastructure requirements - submission of planning application to Local Authority. Stage Outputs: RIBA Stage 3 - Consultant RIBA Stage 3 Drawings and Reports - Planning Submission - Cost Plan Update, Inclusive of Supply Chain Updates - Programme and Logistics plans update - Carbon Impact Assessment RIBA Stage 4 - Consultant RIBA Stage 4 Drawings and Specifications - Cost Plan Update - Market Tested Costings - Updated Carbon Impact Assessmen