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Rooftop and High Rise Inspection Surveys

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07 May 2020

12:00am, 18 June 2020

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Gentoo currently has twenty-three high rise blocks within its stock across Sunderland. In addition to these, Gentoo also has ten bespoke/specialist medium-rise blocks located within various other areas. The purpose of this Tender is to procure a framework of consultancies with previous experience in external survey works to buildings of this type. The successful consultancy(s) will be required to attend the buildings and to carry out a visual inspection of the roof coverings and any other element which does not form the fabric of the building. On completion of the survey, a full, detailed schedule will be required to be completed by the Consultant. This schedule will identify all works required to that block with a priority/risk weighting applied. Gentoo will also require a new elevation drawing to be supplied which will be marked up with all of the repairs required. The surveys are to be carried out to each block on a biennial basis (once every two years). This framework is due to commence in August 2020 and run for approximately four years, concluding in March 2024.