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Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

Consultation Brief for North Wall Road Development of Concept Designs for a Rewilding Project including Community Event and Consultation

Publication Platform
Cabinet Office

Publication Date
23 June 2023

12:00pm, 21 July 2023

Tender ID
IT-442-53-LVRPA 2023-13

Consultant brief for North Wall Road - Development of concept designs for a rewilding project including community event and consultation. The North Wall Road was built as part of the London 2012 Olympics in the QEOP. There was a plan to adopt and bring this road into use but this has not been realised in the ten years since the Games. The Road spans land which part is owned by the LVRPA and LLDC with approximately two thirds in LVRPA ownership and the remaining one third in LLDC ownership. This area is currently a poor part of the landscape and is often used for unwanted activity and antisocial behavior. Some of the local community have already put ideas forwards and both LVRPA and LLDC now plan to progress the ideas to develop an exemplar project of rewilding and greening of an unused hard landscape. This project aims to extend the QEOP, provide a green and sustainable solution increasing biodiversity and providing an area which will become part of the visitor destination of the QEOP and bring back into use a part of the Park which is currently of little value in its current form. Additional information: Is a Recurrent Procurement Type? : No