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Littlehampton Beach Road and Precinct Design and Build - AWARD

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07 January 2021

12:00pm, 02 November 2020

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ADC - 031562 - AWARD

Edburton Contractors Ltd

This project will deliver new high quality, distinctive public environment in the high impact areas. It will create clearer and intuitive linkages between town, seafront and riverside and will encourage people to come more often, stay longer and spend more. The new public realm will transform Littlehampton's core retail area both visually and economically. With modern and timeless designs, stunning materials echoing the maritime heritage of the town, coastal-themed planting and new layouts to accommodate large scale events, the economic opportunities for the town will be improved, enabling businesses to be sustained and grow. Interested parties should register their interest in the project via the In-Tend website , and complete and submit the tender return document together with any supporting information.