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Places for People Group Limited

Procurement Hub- Professional Services Framework

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20 July 2018

12:00am, 20 August 2018

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The principle of the Professional Services Hub is to package a series of services that Places for People and other contracting authority clients require and market the services ensuring quality and value for money allowing a range of contracting authorities to join the Hub and use the services. The core framework will be owned by Places for People. The appointed partner should be competent in the provision of the services and works listed. The services are to include but not limited to: Technical Surveying Services, Cash Flow Modelling, Stock Classification, Asset Management Planning and Strategy, Investment Planning, Repair and Maintenance Health Checks, Resource Planning, Procurement and Partnering Advisory service, Employers Agent, CDM Coordinator Services, Architect Services, Landscape Design, Structural and Civil Engineering Services, Stock Condition Surveys, Fire Risk Assessments, Asbestos Surveys, RDSAP, Energy Performance Certificates, Electrical Testing, Sales and Marketing, Property and Land Valuations, Consultancy and other services detailed in the procurement documents. The Hub framework would give the opportunity for the selected provider to deliver any of the services individually or where applicable a series of the services. The appointed provider should be competent in the provision of the services listed. The duration of the framework is intended to last for a period of four years. Call-offs may be made in the final year of the Framework Agreement which may extend the durations beyond this period. It is intended that this Framework Agreement will be capable of being used by other Contracting Authorities in UK