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Catalyst Housing Limited

GB-London: Request for Proposal to Support the Housing Estates Improvement Plan 2018/19

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14 May 2018

12:00am, 04 June 2018

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CHL, through its HEIP 2018/19, is seeking to improve the lives of residents who occupy properties on the estates covered. The existing Catalyst Estate Improvement budget, of around £200,000, has not always achieved best value and outcomes. By affording residents a greater opportunity to get involved in decisions relating to their public open spaces, it is hoped that benefits beyond simply aesthetic ones can be gained. Catalyst's TRA groups, and other resident forums, are expected to play a large part in shaping decisions around schemes. Through this procurement exercise, CHL is seeking a partner who can help to support the delivery of this aim. CHL has earmarked up to £200,000 of funds to be spent on suitable projects through this scheme between May 2018 and 31 March 2019. It is envisaged that this would be spent through various projects, and selection of such projects will be based on overall value delivered. CHL believes that best value will be delivered by selecting the four or five most suitable projects, as decided by CHL and residents. We are not being overly prescriptive in this RfP document, as we are seeking a partner who will bring significant experience, and the ability to significantly add value to the Programme, and the funds already earmarked for delivery. Our chosen partner will support CHL in the delivery of such projects in the following ways: •By undertaking local stakeholder consultations in order to understand the views and needs of local residents •By being a coordinator of grant applications •By commissioning designs for schemes which embrace the findings from the consultation process undertaken •By maximising and supplementing the available budget by securing matched/additional funding from various sources for schemes •By supporting schemes through the provision of full costs analysis, and cost controls •By undertaking robust and compliant (against both CHL's policies, and the Public Contracts Regulations (2015)), procurement processes, where agreed schemes are approved to proceed •Where capital schemes are involved, project manage such schemes to ensure the successful delivery of high quality, enduring and endearing works Additionally, CHL is seeking a partner who will be able to attract the support of external funding from various sources, and contribute to CHL's overall budget for these schemes. Such support could come through major sources of grant funding, volunteers from the communities, through to sponsorship, including from local sources.