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Norfolk County Council

Invitation To Quote To Provide And Create 6 Recycling Drop-Off 'Art Bins' In Great Yarmouth Borough Council For The Facet Project

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02 September 2021

11:00am, 04 October 2021

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Norfolk County Council (NCC) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) are seeking to commission an individual or organisation to design, create, oversee the installation and promote (via engagement activities) 6 unique outdoor recycling drop-off points in the form of novel artistic bins with interpretation boards. Installation of Art Bins will then require support via planned accompanying school/community engagement activities aimed at behaviour change in relation to the 'Circular Economy' (CE) and specifically eradication of single use plastic packaging and a move towards reuse & onward recycling. The target material for this commission is plastic bottles. This project is part of the delivery model within the Interreg 2 Seas project FACET (Facilitate the Adoption of Circular Entrepreneurship in the Tourism and leisure sector), which aims to encourage adoption of Circular Economy solutions in the tourism industry through multiple channels including gamification and behavioural change. Further information can be found in the service specification which forms a schedule to this document and to the terms and conditions.