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Grimsby Institute Of Further & Higher Education

The Grimsby Institute - Provision of Design Team Services

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Grimsby Institute Of Further & Higher Education

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17 July 2019

12:00am, 16 August 2019

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Estates - DT

Apply via Please read the tender documents carefully and ensure that for all elements required you provide evidence or a statement to fulfil the requirements. Background: The TEC Partnership is part of a unique collaboration between higher and further education providers and employers to establish an Institute of Technology (IoT) in Lincolnshire. The IoT will specialise in delivering higher-level technical skills which aim to help close skills gaps and improve productivity. The TEC Partnership has been awarded capital funds to redevelop the 2nd floor of M Block on the Nuns Corner Campus in Grimsby. With the first phase as follows: 1. RIBA Services Stage 1 through to Stage 4 Inclusive including: a. Fully designed and co-ordinated package to enable the tendering of the works including all drawings, details, schedule of work, specification and where applicable NBS. b. Detailed FFE layout plans illustrating of all areas both re-purposed and existing. c. Co-ordinated Interior Design aligned to clients environmental theme d. Seek formal Statutory approvals - Building Control and Planning for external element. 2. Scope of work to address the following a. Redevelop the 2nd floor of M Block into a bespoke IT, Robotics and Digital Arts facility. b. Relocate hair dressing salon to an alternative location on the first floor of the adjacent A Block c. Create new external front facing entrance specifically for the IoT and form designate routes to and from the second floor d. Lift and recover the flat roof including upgrading the insulation e. Replace the lift f. Upgrade the glazing to the north elevation to double glazed to match the other elevations excluding the wall cladding. g. At our sister Modal site in Immingham we are required to create a Maritime Engineering workshop within an existing large hanger, this will include partitioning off a section and converting the enclosed space. The desire is to offer some added value in terms of design in replicating a ship environment whilst offering the required facilities for cohorts of up to 24 within a modest budget.